Pick it up Dude

Hey, pick it up Dude Without a hiccup, cool. You sing the Brand, For us, like the Bard. Most wanted, that you’re Customer is God, beware. Your job makes us better, Earns our bread and butter. On this, you make a living We live on what you bring. Be it only the Sale Or going

We Have Bigger Threat Than The Blue Whale

Blue whale game is taking lives of our children, without any loss of time it must be curbed immediately. We do have a bigger issue that our children are facing in Schools, Corporal Punishment. This is more prevalent than Blue Whale. How depressing and how much it is playing with their psyche needs serious

சிறுமை கண்டு பொங்குவாய்

அவ்வை மொழியில் மானிடப்பிறப்பு உலகிய உயிர்களில் உயரிய சிறப்பு அங்ஙனம் கண்டிடில் நமக்கும் பெருமை மனிதம் மறந்தால் மானிடம் சிறுமை பல்பொருள் ஈட்டியும், ஓருடல் போற்றியும் ஒற்றைக்கனியென பிள்ளைகள் பெற்றோர் பெற்றகம் துறந்தவள் பிரித்தனள் புக்ககம் இத்தடம் மறந்தும் ஒத்தடம் தேடியும் பித்தமும் தீர்ந்திட ஒடுங்கிய நாடியும் ஓரமாய் ஒதுங்கினர் முதியோர் காப்பகம் பிள்ளையோ, பேரோ, பித்தில்லா பிரியம் போற்றுவோம் என்றும், தூற்றுவோம் சிறுமை. ‘அவள்’ என்றால் உலகங்கள் திரும்பும் அவள் சிதைந்தால் பூமி வாய் பிளக்கும்

Eureka Moments

Children are far more creative than older ones.  In my observations, games that they play, play an important role. I recently read in tidbits that playing Sudoku, Crossword or brain games will prevent Alzheimers. My point here is not about preventing the disease, but to promote the number of Highs we get in each of

Good and Differently-Good

We need not switch between the exact opposites when it comes Good and Bad. At least not basis the unfair and not so reliable sources, be it print, visual or social media. Hold your guns, take a middle ground until the vision is clearer. Got it.. Go on..

History in Geography 

Passing judgements on political decisions is the easiest thing, anyone can do. Thanks to current information overload. Spewing venomous verdicts isnt good. Moving from inaction or so called restraint to action is the need of the hour. Let's see the History in Geography.

Too Close to be Seen..

Scientifically, a minimum critical distance is mandated for clarity in sight. Similarly, we will need to observe relationships from a critical distance, to arrive at the right conclusions. Too Close to See is an application of Least Distance of Distince Vision (LDDV) that we had learnt in our text books.

Shame, Shock, No.. Stop!

Evil prevails not only on falsehood, but on untold truths too as well. One such truth revealed after more than a generation later, might have prevented some damage. But the society's reactions a generation ago would have been vastly different. It could have been doubly devastating to the victim then..